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Cities around the world are singular entities that have a life and character of their own.  As a sum they create one noticeable 'flavor' but on closer look it becomes clear to even the casual observer that they are comprised of many diverse, distinctive and sometimes conflicting segments.  The busy workdays, the crowded streets, the brilliant smoggy sunsets, night life, clubs, parties, celebrations and many new and interesting experiences are found in daily activities. The vibrant tonal pulse of the city is vividly captured throughout this album. We hope you enjoy your stay in our CityScape city.


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Hustle & Bustle
A city, any city and every city in the world by nature is a busy place. If a city is not busy it will die a slow and bitter death. Hustle and bustle might not be physically good for the people that live and work there but it is good for the city. For either one to thrive both must also survive; sometimes in rhythmic harmony sometimes at odds. The people and the city must work together if they want to continue to exist. What you hear in Hustle & Bustle is the often harmonious and sometimes disjointed effort to put people together with the beat of the city. The back and forth make for interesting listening right up to the unusual ending.

As the sun softly rises over the city the barren sidewalks are quiet and peaceful places. As the sun continues to spread its light and warmth over the area you notice the store owners beginning to prepare for the day; cleaning and washing the sidewalks getting ready for their upcoming business everything adding to the activity. As the day grows elder the walkways become increasingly livelier and are soon overflowing with throngs of people moving swiftly but dedicatedly to their ultimate destinations.

Throughout the day things may slow down a little except for the always vigilant street musicians and vendors and before the onslaught of hasty lunchtime activities. Things then calm a little but at the end of the day these human thoroughfares are once again filled with the sounds of activity; eventually ending the day on the same quiet but not foreboding note upon which it all began. Sidewalks; take another look, they are very interesting places if you let them be.

Every sunset has its own story. Whether the air is completely clean and clear and wrapping around a pristine mountain range to the sound of a wistful lone French horn or whether it is filled with mist and smog from a crowded city the sunset will tell you the story of the day just passed and prepare you for the day to come; all you have to do is allow yourself to listen and let the emotions of this grand and daily occurrence take you away to a meditative wonderland. Sunsets can bring you peace and satisfaction or they can prepare you for a night of frivolity, fun and partying. All you have to do is pay attention to the language of the time and you will know what to do.

Meet Me Downtown (U Know Where)
Every city has nightlife and every city has those that live for this night life. There are many ways to enjoy the night; everyone must find their own way. This is the rhythm of the night; so get yourself out and get down; be prepared to have some fun. Grab your dancing shoes and meet me downtown…you know where!

The heart of every city in truth exists in the people and their lives. But underneath it all no matter how good the city there lies a dark and mysterious place; one of reality and shadows. Few venture a visit but most know, or think they know about what happens there. No matter how tranquil things seem from a distance everything takes on a different hue and pulse up close, in the underground because under ground there are no shadows; only mystery and the peril of the unknown. Come if you dare…take a look.

A New Day
Every day is a new day and every new day offers a chance to do something different with your life. At the outskirts of the city is a majestic lake fed by a large mountain spring; and though the body of water may or may not be manmade it is none the less stunningly beautiful. Many come to find peace on the sandy shores as the sun rises over the tall trees in the East bringing with its warmth and light, new hope, tranquility, excitement and a drive to make this day better than the day before. Bring this song with you the next time you enjoy a sunrise; close your eyes and imagine how wonder the day will be; and it will be. Thanks to fellow musician Geoff Elvee for the encouragement to compose this remarkable tone poem aka/Crosslake Dawn.

I Dreamt I Went to O'Leary's
What would any city be without a great Irish Pub? In our CityScape city we are lucky enough to have the world famous “O’Leary’s Brewery and Pub”. A remarkably comfortable place decorated with bona fide antiques and family heirlooms from the Emerald Isle; every single one painstakingly taken care of by the Pub’s long time owner Bardàn MacGinnis, (no relation to Niall MacGinnis). It is a place to come and take pleasure in drinking, talking and having fun with your friends; both old and new. No one comes here to show off or be noticed. Everyone is here for one reason and one reason alone; they are at O’Leary’s to enjoy a great time. Darts are ‘in’ and ‘Disco’ is out; don’t believe me just ask Bardàn. See ya there and bring your pub attitude or don’t come at all.

We really have a lot to be thankful for in our everyday lives; though habitually we miss the signs. Every country has grand celebrations for many reasons in which they carry on the long time Chinese tradition of exploding fireworks. In our CityScape city we celebrate both the fourth of July and ‘Founders’ day with huge fireworks shows. Virtually the entire population shows up at one viewing location or another and everyone is in a festive but quiet mood as they respectfully and reverently find a spot and eventually settle in to their portable chairs. The fireworks begin and immediately take the mass on a thrilling guided tour of light and sound. There is nothing quite so exciting as fireworks, crowds and marching bands. Come grab your full range listening devices and enjoy the sounds of celebration with the rest of us here in CityScape city.

Another Nite Out
Sometimes we all just want to get out of the house if for no other reason than for the simple sake of getting out. We want to relax but not at home so we grab someone close, hop in the car and just cruise. When you live in the city, even our great CityScape city people want to go cruising; see the sights, watch people, find friends, drop the convertible top on a hot summer night and crank up the sounds through a fine car stereo. Another Nite Out is just about that…cruising and having a cool time; nothing more nothing less. There isn’t a deep message to this song; it’s just a cool mood setting background for your adventures. Turn it on, crank it up and go cruising; don’t wait they’re your adventures.

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