The Buddy Jack Band, Audio Interventional Environmentationists.


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Life Force (NEW)

We are controlled by our own actions in this life... sometimes we are aware of those actions and yet other times we are not. 

What is it that controls us... are we self driven or vessels of outward control... with a predetermined destiny?
We may never know while we are on this plane of existence.
Will we ever know that the Life Force is?

Perhaps yes... perhaps no.


Audiot is a collection of music for the weary, drained and tired of soul. Audiot proves that it is more than OK to listen to music that helps you fall asleep so you will slumber soundly and comfortable with vibrant and pleasant dreams. Audiot is Ambient, restful, meditative, calming, world problem solving, sleep inducing music. Enjoy as a listener, a somnambulant or just someone that likes soothing music.  Remember there is no prescription needed for Audiot so take as often as needed.

Urbane Urban

Keeping with The Buddy Jack Band's longstanding goal of creating 'music that will take you on journeys and make you feel good about yourself, the world and everything around you' Urbane Urban seeks to prove that peace and harmony can be found in every crowded place no matter where you go around the globe. As many cultures have known for centuries inner serenity and calm will come from discovering how to find open spaces within your mind; even when you are surrounded by noise and crowds. Enjoy the musical diversity contained within from vital questions about your mind and our very beginnings to spectacular trips through exotic lands and outer space.  Urbane Urban = suave, refined, genteel, elegant and sophisticated higher population density areas. Relax and enjoy.


Cities around the world are singular entities that have a life and character of their own.  As a sum they create one noticeable 'flavor' but on closer look it becomes clear to even the casual observer that they are comprised of many diverse, distinctive and sometimes conflicting segments.  The busy workdays, the crowded streets, the brilliant smoggy sunsets, night life, clubs, parties, celebrations and many new and interesting experiences are found in daily activities. The vibrant tonal pulse of the city is vividly captured throughout this album. We hope you enjoy your stay in our CityScape city.


The Homecoming album is respectfully dedicated to the memories we all have of coming home after living away for the first time in our lives.  Homecomings are always interesting as is the composition of this album which features more of the film type of genre. There is no central theme per se other than the creation of a collection of interesting compositions that bring with them the potential of inciting complex reactions from the listener.

Whirled Peas

The Whirled Peas album (a play on words but something we nonetheless want to see) is a collection of songs that are more focus on the musical and rhythmic fringes of Hip Hop, Dance and House electronic music.  Two songs are currently available and there is no scheduled date for release of this 'work in progress' album. New instruments and software are being acquired in order to complete this project.

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