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The Homecoming album is respectfully dedicated to the memories we all have of coming home after living away for the first time in our lives.  Homecomings are always interesting as is the composition of this album which features more of the film type of genre. There is no central theme per se other than the creation of a collection of interesting compositions that bring with them the potential of inciting complex reactions from the listener.


Listen to the Tracks:

Walkin' and Boppin'
Whether you're coming home or staying put no matter what's up in life you should always be about having fun.  And nothing makes it feel like fun more than a fast walking bass and light trio jazz well meshed with interesting rhythm changes. Throw in a catchy melody and you have instant toe tapping ear grinning fun. So home or not, dig this and share it with a friend.


A Classic Day
Coming home is a classic event in anyone's life. You may want to get down when you are there but there is always something 'classic' feeling about your home.  No matter how old, you are always a child there. Enjoy.



Full Circle
Life is an endless search for peace, satisfaction, excitement, serenity, love, adventure and ultimately fulfillment. Whether we admit it or not that is our destiny.  However we put the pieces together to form our journey in this quest we know as 'life' we always come full circle... from nonexistence to nonexistence.



As Rome Burns
According to folklore Nero played his fiddle as the empire he so loved went up in flames. Whether he did this or not is only matter of speculation and supposition. Many throughout the ages have depicted him as 'crazily playing at a corrupted old fiddle' but I believe it was not a crazy day like that; but a very sad and emotional day for him as it was for everyone. If he were to play while his empire was falling he would surely play a sad and melancholy tune on the very best violin he could find. So to set the record straight for all time The Buddy Jack Band has gone to great lengths to recreate the scene on that last day as Nero, tears in his eyes and great pain in his heart plays a sad and lonely tune wrought with emotion and distress.  This is that very last song of Nero and if you listen at the end you will hear him playing...and you will feel his pain.


It's More Fun To Walk
The theme of Homecoming is coming back to our roots and experiencing what we use to know. When we're back at home we know our 'new' lives but we want to see what has changed while we were gone. We want to see old friends and visit all the places we use to hang out; and remember what we use to do.  Driving is quicker to get to the places but the best way to see your old stomping grounds is walking.  You can get back in touch with the environment and really tell what has changed and what has not.  Besides, it's more fun to walk anyway; isn't it? Enjoy.



It's Not Just About Us
Sometimes we as individuals or as societies are too self-absorbed and fail to be fully aware that the things we do to ourselves and our country and to others and their countries have consequences we may never have anticipated. Then sadly at other times we just don't care about how our actions will impact the lives or worlds of others; the ultimate in narcissism personified. The more you travel and the more people you meet and share open communication with, the more you realize that all of us are the same. We all want to live happily, share the joys of love and loving, have friends and inner peace with who we are and what we do; find meaning in life. All of us are special as individuals and yet none of us is more important than any other; no matter what we have or don’t have. We live on this planet and we share the very core of many of those things we can never really fully comprehend; yet we fight over our beliefs and faith and kill or imprison those that don’t. But in reality if our faith was really strong we would not be intimidated by others that believe differently; we would accept them for what they cherish and respect them for that. This song is a message for all of us around the globe no matter our nationality or religion; wake up and realize deep in your souls that ‘It’s not Just About Us’ it’s about all of us. Evil is narcissistic. What are you?


That's Simple
The more we strive to accomplish in our lives with the things we do and the more we take a multitude of simple things and chaotically and desperately attempt to mesh them together to create something implausibly complex the more we need to seek simplicity to survive. But for some even the seeking of serenity, simplicity and peace becomes a complex venture. This song is a trio of rhythms based on only a few notes. It treats them differently throughout yet it never changes their core relationship; thereby creating a composition that is complex yet retains the simple sound of its recognizable foundation. This is how we must live our lives; we must be simple, diverse, complex, convoluted at times but never dissonant and always remain in touch with our core.

Dust Fairies
Fairy dust is a prized ingredient in the magic originated by all types of fairies. But the truth is that this prized magical powder is not readily obtainable through normal fairy channels. It can only be manufactured and distributed by the Dust Fairies from their secret hiding place deep in the far-away and friendly fairy forest. But not all fairies are GOOD fairies and too often these dreadful and despicable fairies will try to steal the magic powder to use only for their dastardly and nefarious ends. What happens when one of these malevolent fairies tries to take the sacred powder to use for evil objectives? Will the Dust Fairies survive? How can they? Will they ever be able to supply the good fairies with fairy dust again? Will this change the world forever? What can any of us do?

Many evil fairy forces have been at work trying to stop the Dust Fairies from completing their assigned tasks...many disturbing rumors have been spread, but we are happy to announce that they are once again diligently delving into their one and only devoted pastime...making the very critical Fairy Dust...we are happy to report that the forest is now a happier and safer place. Come...come and visit their playful world there is nothing but happiness and fantasy so enjoy.

Coming home can be dramatic, traumatic, sad, happy, and an amalgamation of many other complex emotions. The sweeping orchestral introduction of this piece brings with it drama and excitement filled with great emotion and exhilaration before settling the listener into a comfortable spiritual woodsy peace before taking off into a musical universe of highly complex emotions that play off each other musically from beginning to end through the vast interplay of instruments and melodies. Sit back listen, enjoy and remember your last homecoming.



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