The Buddy Jack Band, Audio Interventional Environmentationists.

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The Whirled Peas album (a play on words but something we nonetheless want to see) is a collection of songs that are more focus on the musical and rhythmic fringes of Hip Hop, Dance and House electronic music.  So far, two songs are currently available. New instruments and software are being acquired in order to complete this project. We'll keep you posted.

Just Having Fun  
  Every do something for no obvious reason...just to have fun - just to be silly - just to cast off the world for a few minutes?  Well that's this's your fun song for a fun day...or your pick-me-up song for a horrible day. Want to have some fun pick a video from YouTube or wherever; even an old family movie.  Make sure it consists of really stupid and/or fun stuff with lots of action and put this on the background...enjoy and have fun.
Intense Chillink  
  Sometimes there is just too much going on and you get overwhelmed and find that there is nowhere to turn. So you want to break free of that tied down feeling and you try chilling, to shrug off the 'too much of this ship'. But no matter how much you try to shake it nothing works; so you go for intense chilling with a kick...well; that's this.  Twisting around and wrapping your mind up in an abstract journey; one with a pleasant outcome so...enjoy - and chillink all you want.
Get the Funk Out Of the Way  
  When you got to get got to get down and there's no stopping you.  That's how you do it and that's how it's done.  No excuses no apologies...just getting down and digging deep inside for that connection with the rhythm, the core, the soul of the music.  Enjoy and if you want get up and it.  You're not judging and no one is judging you...because your way is the funky way and everyone else can get the funk out your way
  Thought to many to be solely a resinous hydrocarbon material that is a variety of Amber; Ambrosine is in reality an immortal fairy that possess the ultimate definitive universal energy. This numinous energy connects and nourishes all life.  Through this dynamic and intelligent energy there is direct contact with universal consciousness.  Peace and harmony are direct results of the absolute bonding of that awareness. Listen and you will hear - hear and you will feel - feel and you will know.
Whatever Happened to 005?  
  James Bond, an intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, and a Royal Naval Reserve Commander was best known by his code number 007.  The name Bond is quite well known around the world because of the many books and screen plays written about this man's many exciting and true adventures. 

Alexander Couplet was also an intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 and was a Captain in the Royal Naval Reserve often taking time off from active SIS duty to command military missions under that rank.  Alexander however is not well known even within the ranks of  MI6 and is considerably more discrete that his 007 counterpart.  In all the time he served with MI6 he only came across Bond once and that was the most unfortunate mission of his life.  Couplet was mild mannered on the outside though perhaps not as tailored as Bond but underneath he was a power house of aggressive defensive and offensive measures. 

On this particular mission Bond made it back but Couplet did not.  Bond's version of the mission and what happened is classified "TOP SECRET" so none of us will ever see it and Couplet because he did not come back has no mission report to be reviewed.  Many internal and external investigations have reached dead ends and to this day no one knows what ever happened to 005?
Bogle On The Moon  
  Bogles are generally evil-natured Goblins although they are more disposed to do harm to liars and murderers than to those or a more honest and demure nature. They are closely related and most probably directly to the 'Bogey Man' though some may believe there is a vast difference as the Bogey Man is more of a Goblin than a Fairy. Why they have a base on the dark side of the moon no one knows for sure. Perhaps you might want to time.
Monmunmental Changes  
  It's a classic story where things seem to be what they may or may not be and then when you are feeling comfortable with what you know it changes and changes again to bring you to a place that you never imagined.
Let Me Tell You Why  
  The reason for this song is to let you know why you are here.  Here that is at any particular place at any particular time. And the main reason you are here is because you know too much and you want to party. So forget what you know and focus on having a good time and all will be well.
Don't Pray For Zombies  
  This song is more about music and humor than Zombies...but there are definitely strong Zombie overtones; plus a few mad scientists (if you've seen the video). Believe in Zombies if you want; I don't care  and I certainly won't go out of my way to convince you otherwise.  However if you do believe in Zombies...and perhaps even if you don't for goodness sakes play it safe...don't ever pray for them as they will surely find you and chase you down for all the reasons Zombies chase living people down.  No matter how fast you move they will always catch you...and don't forget that; everybody knows that.  So be careful  and Don't Pray for Zombies no matter what.


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