The Buddy Jack Band, Audio Interventional Environmentationists.



Audiot is a collection of music for the weary, drained and tired of soul. Audiot proves that it is more than OK to listen to music that helps you fall asleep so you will slumber soundly and comfortable with vibrant and pleasant dreams. Audiot is Ambient, restful, meditative, calming, world problem solving, sleep inducing music. Enjoy as a listener, a somnambulant or just someone that likes soothing music.  Remember there is no prescription needed for Audiot so take as often as needed.

Listen to the tracks:

Vos Implete anima mea (You Fill My Soul)
Dedicated to my wonderful wife who is proof that love does exist on this Earth and true lasting happiness can be found. If you haven’t found it yet you will if you keep looking in the right places and recognize it when you feel it.

Voyage l'esprit (Mind Travel)
Where does the mind go when you just set it free? Meditate and let the sounds take on a new journey each time you listen. No ticket is required for this ride but keep your hands and arms safely inside the ride at all times.

Thought Waves
This composition was originally constructed in three parts (each approximately one minute long) during the late 60's and was structured to meet the requirements of a college music theory assignment and as a musical background for silent meditation in a church. The organist is Jean Hervey Brown (deceased) of San Diego, California; Bud Brown’s mother. It was played on a Hammond 'C3' with full pedal board through a Hammond P-40 Tone Cabinet to replicate as close as possible the sound of a pipe organ. Two of the three parts of Thought Waves are performed here. The sound was modified in 2013 with filters and electronic effects to enhance the mystical ‘thought wave’ effect.

Magical Music Box
– One of the original ‘personal music’ devices; the music box is sometimes just a music box that we can all enjoy for what it is; a beautifully constructed piece of furniture playing familiar tunes. But sometimes a music box can be magical and will be driven to take you places no other music box has ever taken you. Take one of these special players add rhythm and you get the ultimate Magical Music Box.

Incidental Music is wonderful in a classic sense. Tranceincidental music is an Electroclassical term used to describe the wonderful beauty modern Incidental Music in a trance format brings to today's world. The intent is the same from one century to another though the sound different.

Going There Again
Sometimes you go to places near or far that manage to touch your soul the magic first moment you experience them. The history, the buildings, the people...everything you see, hear and smell is extraordinary, unique, comfortable and even a little scary for what it had been- all at the same time. Thus Berlin was for me. I enjoyed that feeling and hated to leave; I promised myself that I am Going There Again. What about you?

La flûte de l'eau (The Water Flute)
I find the sound of water combined with the sound of a soulful wooden flute remarkably relaxing and yet powerful; throw in a summer storm in the distance and you have something magical. If you give yourself to this music it will own you but in doing so will treat you gently and respectfully. A midsummer storm can be romantic and comforting when you know the morning will bring a fresh new exciting day. Come and experience this time with us.

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