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We are controlled by our own actions in this life... sometimes we are aware of those actions and yet other times we are not. 

What is it that controls us... are we self driven or vessels of outward control... with a predetermined destiny?
We may never know while we are on this plane of existence.

Will we ever know that the Life Force is?

Perhaps yes... perhaps no.

Listen to the tracks:

Crazy Whispers
Do you ever hear them; those almost silent whispers?   Do you hear them and wonder who it is and why they are calling to you? Do you ever wonder?  If not then maybe it's too late.  But they are there you must just listen if you want to hear.

Another Bad Ash
And we're not talking trees... or volcanoes... we're talking ash...bad ash things.  So you take some popular rock rhythms of the 80's and combine that with some classical strings and throw in a funky a harpsichord... What do you get a lot of fun.  It's all about enjoyment isn't it? No hidden meaning nothing deeper than diggin' it and some fun.

The Times I Think Of You
The serenity brought by watching the reflections of clouds mirrored on the surface of a secluded tropical lagoon on a warm day is the feeling I get when we are together. It is the feeling I get all the times I think of you. For that very special and unique feeling and the many times I think of you every day...this music is forever yours to savor and enjoy like a fine wine.

The Blue Skies
The Bluest Skies are in your eyes - a lovely truth, the closest ties. You mean the world and even more - you are the one that I adore.” 

Words of love cannot express how we feel some time and as the world spins around in a wild merry-go-round we wonder if we will ever touch ground. To all the lovers whether new or old may this song bring you happiness.

Love Or One Of Those Simular Things
Everyone knows what love is or at the very least think they do.  When you are young you are positive that you know and you are positive that you understand it better than anyone has ever understood it before; or ever will again.  As you grow you discover that the love of youth is sometimes a foundation for a love that grows and stays strong; but often it is not.

So to those of you that either know what love is or believe you do and for those of you that know you have absolutely no idea what it is - this song is dedicated. If you can't find love in your life, find love in the song.

Celestial Incantations
Plato, Eudoxus, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus and many other shrewd and intellectual people knew the importance of Celestial Spheres as the basis for understanding many truths. The spheres or orbs as they were often known were the fundamental entities of the cosmological models that were developed by these great minds.  Dynamic thinkers of ancient times believed celestial orbs were thick spheres of rarefied matter closely nested one within the other, each one in complete contact with the sphere above it and the sphere below and placed on a flat surface. 

Of course we now know that this is not accurate in any way.  It has been proven scientifically that all Celestial matter is unified under the jurisdiction of the Fairy Queen Tatiana also known as Mab. She was the royal predecessor to Oona who was once erroneously thought to be the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe.  Tatiana is the undisputed ruler of the Celestial Cosmos from the furthest corners of the unknown to the boundaries of the far beyond.

The incantation of enchantment for Mab may take place during a Celestial Ritual know as Celestincanoticus employing  the use of pharmakeia or chant. It is during this time that the enchanter will use charms and Mandaean style incantations to elevate the spirits of those participating to a greater level of understanding.  These incantare (Latin meaning 'to utter an incantation') are commonly referred to as Celestial Incantations.
So it is to Tatiana and Oona and the realm of Daoine Sidhe that we dedicate this composition.

Impetuous Physics
Of every Life Force physics plays the most important role in our daily lives; or so we believe. 
It is the accepted science involving the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. Yet even though it is one of the oldest academic principals how do we know that we can count on physics to be what we understand it to be?...most say we can without a doubt and yet others say we cannot...that physics as a science is not fully defined and there is much to be discovered by others in the future.

When those discoveries happen and they will; and when they are proven to be true we will all look back and realize that what we thought was the foundation for our lives and our very existence was in fact nothing more than impetuous anomaly and pure folly.

So live your life as if all is unknown, discover, experiment and live to your fullest.

The Journey Continues

Whatever we go through in life no matter how good or bad - things are what they are and we must deal with everything as it is; not as what we wish it to be.  Some circumstances are of our own making regardless of how they turn out and others are just accidents whether they be happy or sad. 

Though one great insurance company philosopher once said "there is no such thing as an accident...everything that ever happened could have been prevented".  Give some thought to those words and you will understand that it is possible to change any situation provided you have perfect foresight or a working time machine to go back in time. 

But in case you have neither it is important to recognize that regardless of what happens as long as you are alive the journey continues and you must enjoy...that is something you have control over.

A Clear Path Inward

As we grow and experience life we often search to find meaning in the meaningless; to understand the incomprehensible and to touch the untouchable.  This is normal and should be embraced; but unfortunately the ‘chores’ and activities of daily life suck that natural energy from us and cast it off into endless space.  And for some, it is never to be seen again. 

But to be whole within ourselves and to be able touch fully that which is within and that which is without we must be open to everything and we must either never lose that natural energy or we must find a way to recapture it once we realize it is gone.

This song is about delving deep inside while remaining in complete contact with the world around which is our medium for comprehension of everything that is not of the world.

Relative Duration

Sometimes you think you have finally found your ‘comfortable’ zone within the rhythm of life and things are moving along quite smoothly for you.  Then while you are confidently smiling and enjoying the ride everything suddenly changes… and the ride is not so smooth any more.  You look around and though things look the same; they do not feel the same and deep down inside you know that THEY have changed. But you suspect that it is you that has changed and not the world; and maybe that is true. 

So what do you do?  You stop for a minute and get the new rhythm pulsing through your veins and kick start what you are doing and move right smack into the middle of the new rhythm… and never forget no matter what happens… rhythm is all about relative duration and THAT is totally under your control.

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