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We are controlled by our own actions in this life... sometimes we are aware of those actions and yet other times we are not. 

What is it that controls us... are we self driven or vessels of outward control... with a predetermined destiny?
We may never know while we are on this plane of existence.

Will we ever know that the Life Force is?

Perhaps yes... perhaps no.

Here's What People Are Saying:

Review From TIW Music

The Buddy Jack Band: "Life Force" Album
Review by Linda Freeman, TIW Music 

In 1984, the movie "Beverly Hills Cop" smashed box office records, catapulting Eddie Murphy into international fame in his role as Detroit cop Axel Foley, who leaves his jurisdiction to solve a crime in Beverly Hills. The accompanying soundtrack has some of the best '80s synthpop I've heard before or since, including the amazing "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer. When I first heard The Buddy Jack Band's "Celestial Incantations" from his "Life Force" album, my ears pricked up: Its vibe and rhythms brought back great memories of that classic "Beverly Hills Cop" soundtrack.

"Celestial Incantations" is one of my favorite tracks on the ingenious electronica album that is "Life Force," The Buddy Jack Band's album that is set to drop on July 25. Bud Brown, who hails from Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, is the sole member of the band. My love of "Celestial Incantations" reflects my own musical tastes, but the great thing about "Life Force" is that it has something for everyone. Each of its 10 tracks offers up different listening pleasures.

Brown formed The Buddy Jack Band after a long career playing primarily trumpet in bands with a variety of genres, followed by a successful business career. Brown also plays percussion, guitar, piano, and synthesizer. "Life Force" was recorded almost entirely using a Yamaha MOX6. Brown is a prolific composer, but "Life Force" is an album that crystallizes a philosophy of his more than any previous album: According to Brown, "To me, the life force is our connection with the universe and beyond..." and "Life Force" reflects his effort to convey a clearer understanding of it. Its tracks are ones that "people can live their lives can be the vehicle that transports the listener to wherever he wants to go."

The music, arrangements, and production on "Life Force" are top notch, and reflect Brown's classical training and love of jazz. When I've listened to the album from beginning to end, I experience a wide range of emotions, ranging from melancholy and regret on "The Times I Think Of You" to relaxed optimism on "Impetuous Physics." It's the kind of album where you can choose a track to listen to that will enhance or change your mood depending on your preference. It's like selecting a menu item that you have a taste for and savoring every bite of it after it's served.

My favorite tracks besides "Celestial Incantations" are "Relative Duration," which entrances me with its rhythmic and tonal variety; "The Bluest Skies," a swinging tribute to old time bebop; and "The Journey Continues," where synths inject humor into an anthemic musical landscape.

"Life Force" is an album that will entertain and inspire you. Be sure to add it to your music collection.

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